Yahoo on the verge of Dawn? Or still the dark night prevails?

Yahoo has been a point of concern for technology guys and investors since long. Being one of the top market leaders to still being one of the Fortune 500 companies, Yahoo has gone through a long road of ups and downs. One of the eyes raising decision of the board was to get Google first […]

Microsoft taking lead from Google to be the Second Most Valuable Company

At this point of time when we are writing (Sunday, 19 October 2014 – 08:46am), Microsoft has taken over Google to take the position of World’s second most valuable technology company. Google, trading by the name of GOOG at NASDAQ currently has the market capitalization of $349.74 billion with share price $511.17, whereas Microsoft (MSFT) […]

Snapchat introducing Ads

Whether you like it or not, Snapchat Ads are coming in! As per the company announcement on Friday, the snapchat users will now start receiving ads from the advertisers under Recent Updates section. This is the same area where you find Stories – area that combines together multiple snaps into one. Snapchat ads are considered […]